Cerebral Cortex - Quad Expression Joystick Controller


The Cerebral Cortex is a quad expression joystick controller designed for use with equipment that has a standard TRS style expression input. Created for musicians with desktop setups the Cerebral Cortex has four expression outputs allowing you to precisely control the parameters of four effects or synthesizers simultaneously to unlock new sound design opportunities.

Available to order with the option of standard joysticks, spring loaded centre-return joysticks or one of each. The standard joystick will retain its position once released allowing you to dial in a sweet spot. The springy joystick has limitations compared to the standard unit as it resets to the middle of the sweep for both X & Y axis when released but this allows for some unique "momentary" expression opportunities.

This controller is passive so requires no power but must be used with TRS cables rather than standard mono guitar cables. It is not designed to work with TS style expression inputs found on some Line 6 products but has been tested with pedals from Boss, Electro-Harmonix, Triungulo Lab and Strymon. Potentiometer values are 10K ohms. Get in touch if you have any questions about compatibility!

Hand soldered and screen printed.

Note - If you have any problems with a LIFE IS UNFAIR product, send us an email and we'll fix it for free. This doesn't include cosmetic damage.

Video Demonstrations:
Pedal Partners - Full Demo




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