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The Violet Oscillation Shoegaze Fuzz Pedal was developed in the UK, the birthplace of fuzz & guitar pedals, by local Shoegazers Pedal Partners & Life is Unfair Audio Devices. Each pedal is hand assembled with hand-screen printed artwork for the most authentic touch.

Pedal Partners have spent the last five years bringing you Shoegaze sounds, with videos such as “What is Shoegaze?” expanding the understanding of Shoegaze in the 21st century. The Violet Oscillation pedal was specially developed for Luca’s (Pedal Partners) band ‘violet oscillation’ & their debut single ‘a nation of pilots.’ Hailing from the same Thames Valley that saw the initial wave of Shoegaze, with bands such as Slowdive & Ride, after many years of deciphering the best tones & techniques for that Shoegaze sound, we felt it was only right to share our learnings through a pedal built from the ground up, by Shoegazers for Shoegazers.

Life is Unfair is a homegrown pedal builder from the UK. A one person operation, Grindle hand builds each pedal at their home workshop in Cardiff, Wales. Grindle is also an alternative musician & this includes selling Life is Unfair pedals at shows they play with their band ‘Live, Do Nothing.’ Life is Unfair Audio was the first company to work with Pedal Partners, with The Dream Left Behind & Awkward Breed fuzzes inspiring us to this day. Grindle is an expert in everything technical pedal-wise & their down time will often be spent repairing vintage synths & rack effects.

Luca (pedal partners/violet oscillation) says:

“When starting this project, it was important to not only ensure the quality of the pedals being built (which we can do with Grindle at the helm) but the quality of the people behind the project. Now, I can’t talk about myself, but I know Paige & Becca (pedal partners/abstract in sound) are pretty decent & Grindle is a down-to-earth musician, just like our pedal partners audience. It’s nice to have a recognisable face behind each pedal made, we just want to focus on making music, making pedals & sharing this with our friends. I see it as a huge advantage having Grindle build The Violet Oscillation Shoegaze Fuzz, with it being such a homegrown thing, I know that everyone involved in our collaboration is fully invested in creating the best pedal possible for our friends & audience.”

* 2 Band EQ to allow for a wide range of tones
* Violet switch to engage oscillation/octave down
* Soft touch switching with momentary option available via internal dip switches
* Powered by standard 9VDC negative centre adaptors (not included), no batteries (less landfill).
* If you have any problems with a Life is Unfair pedal, send us an email and we'll fix it for free. This doesn't include cosmetic damage

Notable users:
* Violet Oscillation
* Slowdive
* Placebo
* Abstract in sound
* Astrobrite
* Trentemøller
* Live, do nothing
* Beachy head
* Loveliescrushing

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