Live, Do Nothing - Hiraeth & Loathing


12" eco-mix vinyl (colours may vary!)

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1. The Hardest Band in Cardiff Presents...
2. The Real Animals of...
3. Mouse Death
4. All Wax No Honey
5. Disco of the Heart
6. Novelty is the Best Policy
7. Hopelash
8. Delusions of Ganja
9. Oso Jugoso
10. Too Late in the Day
11. Chromatic Delight

“Hiraeth & Loathing” broadly explores feeling disconnected from your childhood self. The record questions if there is value in re-discovering this inner child, or if we’re better off eschewing the trappings of nostalgia and living for our current reality instead.

Written by Live, Do Nothing
Produced by Live, Do Nothing & Thomas V. Westgård
Recorded by Thomas V. Westgård at Sail Loft Studios, Cardiff, Wales
Mixed by Bob Cooper at Chairworks Studio
Mastered by Leon West at After Life Studios, Cardiff, Wales

Released September 23, 2022 by Specialist Subject Records

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