Rosehip Teahouse - Fine


12" black vinyl

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1. I Meant What I Said
2. No Gloom
3. I'm Not Whole
4. A Million Times
5. Summer Sleep

"The fine EP is a collection of moments that span from 2016 to now. They cover love, losing love, fighting an eating disorder that wanted to take me over completely, my unregulated emotions, dreams (both literal and metaphorical) finding some sort of meaning amongst it all and coming out the other side, slightly stronger as a result of it.A lot of the songs are re-arrangements of the very earliest Rosehip demos and it’s been really cathartic and really special to let them free with the help of the rest of the band. I hope people can relate to the songs, give them a home for a bit and feel at least a little supported in the struggles we all have staying grounded in this overwhelming world."
- Frankie Pavitt

Written by Frankie Pavitt
Produced by Thomas Rees
Mixed by Josh Dickins
Mastered by Eddie Al-Shakarchi

Released December 9, 2020 by Big Indie Records

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