Bad Machine


*NOTE - Toggle switch & knob colour will vary slightly from those pictured - The production units will be built using black toggles & knobs with brighter marker lines*

BAD MACHINE is a multi-function boost, overdrive and fuzz unit designed in collaboration between LIFE IS UNFAIR Audio Devices & Mike Cunniff of the band BOSTON MANOR.

Featuring independently switchable boost and fuzz circuits. Bypass switching is latching by default but either channel can be set to momentary operation via internal dip switches.


BOOST - Output level of the boost circuit.

REVERSE - Swaps the order of the boost and fuzz circuits.

LEVEL - Output level of the fuzz circuit.

BASS - Active peaking filter with 20dB of boost or cut available.

TREBLE - Active EQ with 20dB of boost or cut available.

GAIN - Input level of the fuzz circuit.

105Hz/86Hz - Centre frequency for bass EQ.

SHELF/PEAK - Alters the response of the treble EQ from a shelf filter with a cutoff of
3.2KHz to twin peak filters of 960Hz and 1280Hz

FUZZ MODE - Routes the signal path of the fuzz circuit through different filter networks. A brief description of which is found below:

I - Signal is routed through the input gain stage & EQ, bypassing the clipping & filter sections to operate as a boost/overdrive.

II - Thick mid frequency fuzz with subtle upper octave.

III- Mid scooped fuzz with more prominent octave artefacts.

IV - Combination of modes II & III.

V - Additional 5dB boost at 105Hz & 10dB at 4.9kHz for a metallic edge.

Powered by standard 9VDC negative centre adaptors (not included), no batteries (less landfill). 10mA current draw. If you have any problems with a LIFE IS UNFAIR pedal, send us an email and we'll fix it for free. This doesn't include cosmetic damage.

Hand assembled and screen printed in Cardiff, Wales. Printing by HOLY ISLAND AUDIO.




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