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"The Dream Left Behind" - Fuzz


Based on discoveries made when studying an almighty fuzz monolith: "The Dream Left Behind" sheds new light on a classic sound with an updated, well balanced tone; allowing your guitar to soar through the mix and not become a lost relic.

"The Dream Left Behind" is a muff based fuzz circuit that has no tone stack and a fixed gain. The gain stages are set up so that the volume pot of your guitar can be rolled back to clean up the sound to get a more crunchy sound than your standard muff style fuzz.

Hand soldered and screen printed.

Powered by standard 9VDC negative centre adaptors (not included), no batteries (less landfill). 3mA current draw. If you have any problems with a Life is Unfair pedal, send us an email and we'll fix it for free. This doesn't include cosmetic damage.

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