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Awkward Breed - Fuzz


An organism grown from rough, compressed friction fuzz. The Awkward Breed's grainy nature develops with your input. High output pick-ups will give you a thick long sustain, whereas a lower pick-up output offers a shorter staccato style fuzz, reminiscent of a dying battery. It's also capable of synth like textures when used with a bass guitar.

The Awkward Breed is an articulate fuzz that has a variable sustain based on the input volume. Higher output pickups and harder picking will result in a thicker longer sustain where as reducing the input volume by having lower output pickups or rolling your guitars volume knob back a little will cause the Awkward Breed to produce a fuzz tone with a shorter decay and even spluttery dying battery sounds.

Hand soldered and screen printed.

Powered by standard 9VDC negative centre adaptors (not included), no batteries (less landfill). 3mA current draw. If you have any problems with a Life is Unfair pedal, send us an email and we'll fix it for free. This doesn't include cosmetic damage.

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