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Pale Spectre - Tremolo/Boost/Heterodyne Modulator


A shuddering vision.

The LIFE IS UNFAIR Pale Spectre is a three in one effects pedal. The first mode is a vintage voiced percussive tremolo sound but without the volume drop commonly associated with this effect thanks to the addition of the level control. The second mode is a clean boost, perfect for pushing the input of your amp or a fuzz pedal. The final mode is the heterodyne modulator mode, in this mode the lfo is pushed into audio frequencies which allows the Pale Spectre to produce a variety of extra weird and wonderful sounds such as ring modulating and even octave sounds.

Hand soldered and screen printed. Light matte grey enclosure.

Powered by standard 9VDC negative centre adaptors (not included), no batteries (less landfill). 6mA current draw. If you have any problems with a Life is Unfair pedal, send us an email and we'll fix it for free. This doesn't include cosmetic damage.

Video Demonstrations:
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