PRE-ORDER: Godzilla

  • PRE-ORDER: Godzilla

My licensing agreement to build Devi Ever circuits is coming to a close so this will be the final run, available to order until the end of May 2022 or until I run out of the very limited amount of PCBs I have for these, after which I will be ceasing all production of Devi Ever : Cymru pedals.

*Shipping Summer 2022*

Godzilla is the fusion of the Vintage Fuzz Master and Goddess Zero circuits, coming together to create a plethora of searing octave fuzz tones that will lay waste to any guitar, bass, synth or anything else you could think of running through it. Both circuits have a chaos switch and can be engaged independently in either order thanks to the order reverse toggle.

Notable users : Andrew Goddard (Karnivool), Karim Lakhdar (Atsuko Chiba), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)


GZ VOLUME : Output gain [Loudness]
GZ TEXTURE : Input gain [Distortion]
VFM VOLUME : Output gain [Loudness]
VFM TEXTURE : Input gain [Distortion]
TOGGLE : GZ Chaos, Order Reverse, VFM Chaos

Lovingly hand soldered and screen printed in Cardiff, Wales
9VDC ‘Boss style’ power jack - no battery snap
Top mounted jacks
True bypass
125mm x 95 x 50mm

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